Prosecution Wing is an indispensable part of organizational structure of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission, Under section 11(1)(c) of the KPEC Act, 2014. The "Prosecutor General" heads and leads the Prosecution Wing. The office of Prosecutor General has been established to give independent opinions and its functions includes giving advice to the Commissioners and the Director General on legal matters, making recommendations to Director General for appointments on the posts of Special Prosecutors and overseeing performance of Special Prosecutors, law officers and all Advocates appointed to conduct any case on behalf of the Commission from orignal to Apex Court.

Three legal teams, each containing two Law Officers headed by a Prosecutor, have been constituted to support the Investigation Teams working presently.
The legal teams working in the Prosecution Wing perform the following functions:

1. Remain in contact with all other Wings of Commission and provide legal assistance and guidance when required.
2. Assist and advise Investigation Teams on all legal and professional matters.
3. Draft and prepare references in professional prescribed form for instituting in Ehtesab Courts.
4. Prosecute and defend all cases of Commission in all courts including the High Court and Supreme Court.

Deputy Prosecutor General is of the rank of Additional Director and he conducts cases of KP Ehtesab Commission in the High Court and Supreme Court.

Special Prosecutors are of the rank of Deputy Directors and conducts cases in Ehtesab Courts and Supervise the work of Law officers working under them and the legal research work.

Law Officers are of the rank of Assistant Directors and look after legal aspects of the cases under inquiry and investigation and also carry out initial legal drafting for vetting by their seniors.