Investigation wing has been established under section 11(1)(b) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission Act, 2014. Main functions of Investigation wing include carrying out enquiry and investigation of matters related to failure or misconduct on the part of public office holders, while misusing or abusing their powers or authority through corruption, corrupt practices, misappropriation of property, receiving kickbacks, Commissions etc.
Investigation Wing comprises of 4 branches i.e. Investigation, Intelligence, Complaints and Prevention, control & inspection branch. The Wing is headed by a Director with Additional Directors in command at all the branches except complaints branch which is supervised by Deputy Director Complaints.


The Investigation Wing has been tasked to investigate the White Collar Crimes and cases of corruption and corrupt practices and provide relevant evidence for trial of the accused at the Court. KPEC has adopted a three pronged approach for eradication and controlling corruption. The approach focuses on awareness, prevention and enforcement strategy.


KPEC is working to spread awareness in the society regarding the causes and effects of corruption and the measures undertaken to combat corruption through participating in and arranging conferences, seminars, media events and educational programs.


Because of its legal mandate, KPEC has created deterrence against corruption. KPEC on request sends its representatives as co-opted members and observers for participation in high level procurements to observe the procurement process and ensure transparency.


Enforcement is the most effective tool of anti-corruption strategy. Investigation Wing has been entrusted with the following major responsibilities in this connection:

1. Registration of complaints
2. Verification of complaints
3. Inquiry of verified complaints
4. Investigation of complaints
5. Providing support and assistance in preparation of reference against the accused through evidence collection