Powers and Functions of the Commission:


In accordance with Section 9 of KPEC Act 2014, the Commission has the powers to:

  1. Appoint the Director General, Prosecutor General and Director Internal Monitoring and Public Complaints Wing for the smooth functioning of the Commission and effective discharge of the statutory obligations of the same.
2. Approve the appointment of  officers, staff and all employees including technical advisors/ consultants on the recommendation of DG.
  1. Approve organizational structure and positions to be filled in by employees appointed in accordance with sub-section (4) of Section 11 and any creation or deletion of such positions.
4. Grant approval to Director General or officers of the Director General duly authorized, for the arrest of accused.
  1. Inquire into any allegations of abuse of authority or misconduct by Director General or the Prosecutor General, on a complaint received from the general public or through Director Internal Monitoring and Public complaints wing, and if found guilty, recommend to the Governor for removal of the Director General or Prosecutor General as the case maybe, from their offices.
  1. Approve annual budget of the Commission.
  1. Approve regulations required to be made under the Act.
Issue policy guidelines for the Directorate General, its officers and employees.
  1. Oversee the overall performance of the Directorate General, its officers and employees.
  1. The Commissioners shall not engage directly or indirectly with an accused or other party involved with a complaint or case under investigation or prosecution or otherwise being considered by the DG.
  1. Delegate such of their powers and functions to the officers of the Directorate General, as it may consider necessary for the efficient implementation of the Act.
  1. Enquire into any allegations of corruptions and corrupt practices within the Directorate General or any officer or employee of the Directorate General and pass appropriate orders in this behalf.
  1. Exercise such powers and authority as are granted to it under the Act.