1. KPEC Act was passed by the Provincial Assembly in January 2014. A Legislative Committee was constituted in February 2014 with equal representation from treasury and opposition benches of Provincial Assembly chaired by the Speaker . In March 2014, the Legislative Committee confirmed the nominees of Search and Scrutiny Committee. The main function of the latter Committee was to select the Chief Commissioner, four Commissioners, DG and PG of KPEC in a transparent manner on the basis of their integrity, competency and general reputation. During the selection process, the names of the shortlisted candidates were published in the newspapers for public scrutiny in order to solicit objections. In August 2014, the following were confirmed by the Legislative Committee for appointment as the Chief Ehtesab Commissioner and Ehtesab Commissioners under KPEC Act 2014 and relevant notification was issued:


Justice Hamid Farooq Durrani (Retd)      (Chief Ehtesab Commissioner)
Col.  Abdul Wahid Jan Abbasi (Retd) (Ehtesab Commissioner – I)
Syeda Sarwat Jehan (Ehtesab Commissioner – II)
Mumtaz Ali Khan (Ehtesab Commissioner – III)
Sahibzada Khurshid Ahmad (Ehtesab Commissioner – IV)
Director  General  and Prosecutor General were appointed under Section 12 (1) and 14 (1) of KPEC Act 2014, respectively, in October 2014. Their names were also published for public scrutiny. The following were appointed on the aforementioned positions:
Lt. General Muhammad Hamid Khan (Retd)       (Director General)
Syed Yahya Zahid Gillani (Prosecutor General)
Selection for other positions began in November 2014. As per Section 16 (1) of KPEC Act 2014, the Commission unanimously appointed Director Internal Monitoring and Public Complaints (IM & PC) Wing. Ehtesab Courts were established in March 2015 which became fully functional by September, 2015. The second major phase of recruitment began in April, 2015. The strength of the staff of KPEC by the end of  Year 2014 was 65 which currently is 176.